Deep Data Marketing / Digital Data Analyst

I am special because:

I convert Digital Behavioral and Performance data into insights that enable marketing strategies/solutions for better ROI from digital marketing programs.

How do I do this?
  • I conduct detailed drill-down analysis of key digital metrics, sifting through data, interpreting numbers, and deriving insights through the use of various analytical tools like Google Analytics, Adobe, Heap Analytics, Various Social Media Analytics Tools etc.
  • I collaborate with Digital and Marketing Strategists on methods of data modelling, application of statistical concepts, interpretation of trends and patterns in data, and development of deep-data insights.
  • I handle everyday operations in terms of reporting, analytics & business intelligence tools, etc. and devise new approaches of using analytics for marketing.
  • I am responsible for data collection, structuring, & quality, after ensuring which, I explore and employ sophisticated statistical techniques and analytical models and tools relevant to the client’s context and business needs.
  • I work closely with behavioral and psychometric analysts and modelers to incorporate human understanding into my insights and provide a holistic view of my clients’ consumers to enable profiling, segmentation, prediction, and personalization.
I Need to be/have:
  • 3 - 4 years practical experience on data processing, database programming and data analytics.
  • Graduate with at least 3 - 4 yrs. of hands-on analytics or related field such as advertising, direct marketing, online marketing, loyalty marketing, using data to solve complex Marketing problems.
  • Experience in data mining and statistical analysis. Understanding of various data structures and hand-on with implementation of common methods in data transformation.
  • Exposure to big data analytics on systems will be added advantage.

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