Commerce / Digital Account Manager

They call me a

Digital Account Manager

What makes me special?

I am a Digital Marketer I get under the skin of my clients’ E-commerce business/ markets / consumers and help them build successful digital-era Brands.

How do I achieve this?
  • I am in-charge of a cluster containing multiple clients of Asymmetrique. I take onus of maintaining a high-level of client satisfaction by ensuring that all my client projects are delivered within the given framework of quality, timelines, and budgets.
  • I am an expert at Digital Marketing and Communication strategies, and I partner my clients by leveraging creativity, data, and technology for helping them build a strong D2C or marketplace presence and consumer connect.
  • I conceive and create inspiring briefs for my delivery team partners by understanding client business problems, researching existing consumer behavior, studying competition and market dynamics, and arriving at insights that can help drive the desired change.
  • I am extremely passionate about having participative discussions with the teams involved on my projects and leading the process of idea-generation revolving around the client’s brand, markets, competitors.
  • I coordinate with my team to get regular details/updates and contribute in deciding the critical paths, fast-tracking, to ensure quality work is delivered in expected time and allocated budgets.
What I need to have:
  • Effective project and team management skills, ability to work under deadlines, a client-focused, can-do attitude, good written and verbal communication.
  • Demonstrated business handling experience across various functions.
  • Immaculate client communication skills including verbal, email, presentations, etc.

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