Experience Brand / Experience Analyst

I am special because:

I am a proactive design thinker, who aims to create truly delightful and humanized brands for the digital age. I do not settle for conventional thinking around brand- building and contribute towards providing an unmatched client satisfaction by implementing a holistic strategy with compelling brand assets & meaningful experiences.

How do I achieve this Herculean Task?
  • I study and aim to connect the dots between client’s business objectives/problems, competition, industry benchmarking, current and future market trends, and consumer insights & journeys to build brand/project brief that enables a clear and unique point of view for a brand/client
  • I collaborate with brand consultant, business & solution head in designing/executing strategies and concepts which aim at resolving my client’s pain‐points and leverages/creates a business opportunity
  • I partner with consumer researchers and data analysts, consumer journey experts, experience brand consultants, brand and experience designers, technology experts and specialists to deliver higher levels of client satisfaction through effective planning, efficient delivery of quality solutions & seamless execution of the Brand Strategy from conception to reality
  • I have a natural inclination towards creating storified, professional and compelling presentations for the projects/ pitches by collating various data points, findings, design outputs from various teams
  • I stay relevant with the times and curious to understand the evolving consumer behaviours, emerging trends in the category and innovation in brand experiences to be able to contribute in strategic discussions, building rapport with internal and external clients I love stepping into consumer\'s shoes as per project requirements to evaluate the real needs by using relevant formats like personal conversations, observations, even first-hand experiences along with secondary research
I Need to be:
  • Student of human behaviour & management
  • Comfortable with understating technology, data and design with an innate ability to marry art with science
  • Avid reader and dreamer on future of humanizing brands with innovative experiences, that use digital & new age technology for simplifying or adding value to consumer lives
  • Masters or Post graduation in Business Design / Marketing. Additional specialisation or certification in the field of Design Management / Design thinking / Business design /Service design will be preferred
  • Preferably having at least 1-3 years of relevant work experience in disciplines/companies like brand strategy/consulting/ research, brand design/experience, design management, mapping consumer journeys, etc.

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